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How To Start a Blog.

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Before you do anything, think about the kind of blog you want to create. Do you want to focus around a specific topic like weight loss or do you want a blog that covers a number of topics? Once you have clear idea of what you blog  will be about , the next step is to secure your domain. 


A domain is the url you readers will type in to get to your blog. ( example Select a domain that describes your blog. For example if your blog is about weightloss then a good url for you blog could be or See the domain tells you exactly what the blog is about without even reading a post.  Domains on average range from $9 per year -$15 per year. Namecheap has the best deals I think  and I highly recommend it .  You can click HERE to check out to buy a domain from them. 


So you have your domain name. What do you need next? Hosting. You need to host the domain.  There are tons of sites that offer hosting but here are two sites I recommend. You can check both out links below, I made sure to share my affiliate links so you can get some really good discounts. Check out their offerings and choose the one that works best for you. 

1. Bluehost 

2. Hostgator

Once you have your domain and host you would need to connect the two which can be pretty easy. You can hire me to connect the two for you.


Once you have installed Wordpress to your site you will prompted to select a theme. You can choose from thousands of free templates. For more professional templates you can visit HERE and purchase a theme. 

Once you have your theme in place you can edit your site just the way you want it :)  If it becomes too difficult , you can hire me to finish the site for you. 


Did you find this webinar informative? I hope you did. The information I shared are the steps I took when I started my blog.  If you follow the information I shared on the webinar and remained focused you can definitely run your very own blog and make money from it too. 








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