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4 Ways To Overcome Creative Block

Coming up with 8-10 well-written blog posts monthly can be hard but I do it because you guys love my content so much. I'm not going to lie though, sometimes I get a creative block, where it becomes difficult for me to keep focused enough to finish a post. it happens to the best of us. I am not sure it is something you can avoid but you can get out of that state when it happens. Here are some tips to help you when you are having a creative block.

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Cashmere Wigs: Why Wigs Are My Go To Hairstyles

I've always been skeptical of wearing or getting a wig because I keep thinking it would be dragged off or it would fall off my head but I was recently looking for a protective hairstyle, something that wouldn't put too much pressure on my hair. My hairdresser recommended that I trust one of her Cashmere Wigs.  I bought my first one, Keisha, btw I gave all my wigs a name, and I love it . About  6 months later I got my second one, that I call Tiffany and I am now thinking about getting a third one. 

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The Link Between Productivity and Happiness

Happiness is very important to me.  I always try to protect my energy at all cost but lately or should I say 2 weeks ago I felt out of it and down.  I tried everything in my power to get out of the funk but nothing worked. This sadness also started to affect my work. I was no longer in the mood for work, no longer motivated. I ended up cancelling a lot of my work from clients and  turned to sleeping to pass the time. Cancelled orders meant less money, which is never good since I have bills to pay.

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Guest Post: #1 Asian Women Secret to Having Long Healthy Hair

Individuals who consume rice as part of their usual dish know that it provides a variety of health advantages. Let's be honest, it is a staple food for pretty much half of the world's population. Yet let's admit it, there's a lot more benefits to obtain from rice - advantages that exceed dietary values. As an example, are you aware that fermented rice water shampoo can work wonders for hair?

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How To Schedule Instagram Post with Later App

Later App is one of my favourite social media scheduling apps of all time. I discovered it a few years ago when trying to find a solution or managing my Instagram account. One thing I loved about Later App was the fact that it would allow me to schedule up to 30 posts for one account for the month for FREE.

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