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How To Get Out Of a Bad Mood

Bad moods... no one likes them and sometimes they cannot be avoided. If you're like me once you get in that mood it can be the hardest thing  to get out of. I've been spending time with myself a lot more which is helping me to discover things about myself I never really noticed and one of the things I noticed my bad moods tends to linger a lot longer that I would like it to.  I've been actively trying to find a  list of things to do to lift my mood and I wanted to share it with you. 

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Changing Yourself In a Relationship

Coexisting in the form of a romantic relationship can be difficult. There should be things  or habits that you should be willing to chnage about you . So I believe they are reasonable requests that I can accept.  Once it will imporive the person i think the change makes sense but you should never go in a relationship trying to change the person. 

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