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Suety Travel Diaries: Sea Garden Resort

It's crazy how quickly the summer went by. Usually when I think of summer I think about beaches, pools, fun with friends, new adventures every weekend...but none of that happened this year. In fact I was pretty low key the entire summer. I knew I had to change that and when the opportunity came for me and my friends to spend a weekend at The Sea Garden Resort I knew had to take it. 

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Suety Travel Diaries: Puzzle It

I am always up for trying new things and I am always looking for fun things to do so when my friend called me up inviting me to Puzzle it, a place I've never been before I couldn't say no. She started to explain the concept of the place to me, that we would be locked up in a room for an hour or 30 minutes and we would need to work together as a team to solve puzzles to escape the room

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20 trips to take in your 20's

In your 20s there is such a large number of chances to travel: either before college, or after college, while at your employment, amid a holiday and so on. It is the ideal time to visit, and these are must have encountered amid that time. Regardless of the cash at your pocket, you must make this trip!

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Suety Travel Diaries : Floyd's Pelican Bar

As soon as I learnt of this hidden gem, Floyd’s Pelican bar, it immediately became an entry on my bucket list. Now, the fact that you came here means you have either been to the bar or you want to go. If you have, please comment below and tell me all about your experience. Also let me know if I missed anything in the tips below. If Floyd's Pelican Bar is currently on your bucket list, I hope you find this post helpful.

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Suety Travel Diaries : Sea Cliff Resort and Reach Falls

So this year I decided to really go all out of for my birthday. I mean 28 years on this earth is a lot to be thankful for right? One of the things I had planned was a trip to Portland where I would visit Reach Falls and then stay at the Sea Cliff Resort.

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Don't leave your toothbrush when travelling- A guide to packing just what you need

Just recently I had to travel to the country to attend my Grandfather’s funeral. Usually I prefer to pack at least a week before the day because I tend to forget stuff. This time I was feeling prepared. I didn’t pack in a rush and it was in advance so I was good. About an hour into the journey, I’m like “ Oh Snap! I left my toothbrush.”  

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