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Life Is Too Short To Have Boring Hair, Start Caring

Your hair is one of the most vital, easy, and outright “accessory” attached to your head. Most of the time, hairstyles compliment or work against the features of someone’s face –making the face more (or less) attractive. Luscious and vibrant locks gives an impression of tenderness in the face, making your eyes and lips pop out subtly, especially to those with pretty strong and edgy facial features.

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WhatsApp Business- What You Should Know

You should already know by now that I have an online clothing store called Suety's Boutique. If you don't, make sure to check out my website, follow us on Instagram and Facebook @suetysboutique. Based on my audience, WhatApp is the best medium to communicate with my customers so when I heard about the WhatsApp Business App I decided to check it out.

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4 Ways To Overcome Creative Block

Coming up with 8-10 well-written blog posts monthly can be hard but I do it because you guys love my content so much. I'm not going to lie though, sometimes I get a creative block, where it becomes difficult for me to keep focused enough to finish a post. it happens to the best of us. I am not sure it is something you can avoid but you can get out of that state when it happens. Here are some tips to help you when you are having a creative block.

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Cashmere Wigs: Why Wigs Are My Go To Hairstyles

I've always been skeptical of wearing or getting a wig because I keep thinking it would be dragged off or it would fall off my head but I was recently looking for a protective hairstyle, something that wouldn't put too much pressure on my hair. My hairdresser recommended that I trust one of her Cashmere Wigs.  I bought my first one, Keisha, btw I gave all my wigs a name, and I love it . About  6 months later I got my second one, that I call Tiffany and I am now thinking about getting a third one. 

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