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Why I became an entrepreneur


7 Reasons Why I Became an Entrepreneur

I had my own goals

I got tired of making other people’s dream a reality. Ever since I could remember I had dreams of running my own business. I just wasn’t sure what kind of business I wanted. As I grew older my interests and ideas because more clear and I finally made a decision on what I wanted to do. This is my first official year as an entrepreneur and I am loving it. 

 I was no longer fearful

I wanted to challenge myself. I like setting goals and crushing them. Again, I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur, I was just too afraid to do it. I realise fear can hold you back from the things you really want to do. I was tired of playing it safe and being “afraid” so I went out on a limb and here I am. 

 I wanted to do what I loved

I was passionate about my skills and wanted to make money from the things I loved doing. I love working now :). I smile a lot more and I am very proud to showcase my work. 

I set my own schedule

I get to work on my own time. Don’t get me wrong, running your own business is no walk in the park and it most definitely doesn’t mean you won't work long hours but you have control of the hours you work which is  great.

 I can finally get to travel

One of the things that I used to hate about working for people is that I had limited vacation days. I had so many opportunities where I could travel around but I couldn’t because I had work or not enough vacation days or if I did, I was saving the vacation days for another event. Now that I am my own boss, I can take part in trips or travel whenever.  If I do need to work I just pack my laptop and make sure I have internet access. 

 It keeps me motivated

We all set goals for ourselves but can we really accomplish them with the paycheck we’re getting now? I find that being an entrepreneur forced me to make calculated moves and decisions that would cause the business to grow, that led to making more profits, that then led to me accomplishing my goals. The more goals I achieved the more motivated I became. When you’re motivated and driven you can achieve a lot.

 My mindset changed

All my life I used to be the one who focused on the problem, who would throw my hands in the air and give up. I started to listen to some motivational videos and one of things I remember hearing was setting goals and changing the way we think. I then decided I would break these bad habits and replace them with good ones that will push me to do better. It wasn’t easy but I was persistent. I now only try to see the opportunity in every situation, I have learnt how to be patient and how to remain motivated.