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What 7 Days Without My Cellphone Taught Me

What 7 Days Without My Cellphone Taught Me.png

Could you do 7 days without a cell phone?

Really think about it.

Could you?

I have and this was not me trying to experiment or anything. My phone stopped working... wait let me take that back. I should have taken better care of my phone so that I wouldn't need to be without a phone but my phone stopped working and I had no choice but to be without a phone for a couple of days.  Now before you start to attack me with the being too caught up in my phone mess...I am an entrepreneur. If you are too just imagine... 7  DAYS WITHOUT A PHONE cannot be good. I do everything on my phone, I check emails, closing deals, sending invoices. It definitely put me in a mood but I am glad it happened because I learnt a few things in those 7 days without my cell phone.

I could sleep better. Usually when I go to bed at nights I keep the ringer on so that I can be alerted when a new email comes in or new message. I never really noticed it before but I was able to sleep better because there was no notifications to wake me up. I felt so much better waking up from a good nights sleep. 

No cellphones allowed me to do spend my time doing other things. I started reading this amazing book by Dave Ramsey called More Than Enough. This book was very inspiring and helped me to create my goals and plans for 2018. It taught me some good lessons on some areas I struggled with in my life. Some of the topics the book covers are patience, being content, getting rid of debt and much more. I urge every entrepreneur to read this. 

I noticed just how often people use their phones. Almost everyone around me heads were glued to their phones. I never really noticed it before until I had no phone to look in. Trying to get someone's attention who is deep in their phone is one of the hardest thing. Believe me I tried. I want to apologize to everyone who tried to talk to me when I was using my phone that I ignored. I definitely know how it feels and I am sorry.  It made me think about how times have changed and how dependent we are on these devices. These devices, I cannot lie, makes business so much easier and keep me organized but it has a few drawbacks to it too. 

Face to face conversations are so much better than talking on the phone.  A lot of texts get misinterpreted because the other assumes the tone the person is sending a message in when it may not be so. 

If they miss you they will find a way to contact you. I found that a lot of people didn't even notice I was missing while others made the extra effort to  communicate with me through other mediums.  I know the persons who see me as a priority and I definitely see them as priority too. It was also great to be alone too. I definitely got a chance on the past year, the things I did wrong or right and the changes to make in the new year. 


What do you think? Could you survive 7 days without your phone?