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Welcome Letter

Welcome to my blog. My name is Sue-Tanya and this is my website (I did it myself :) - All criticism welcomed).  

Who is this site for ?

This site is for persons who:
1. May need a virtual assistant / personal assistant for their business
2. May need a website for their business
3. May need a video edited professionally
4. May need writing or transcription services
3. May need motivation and mentoring

What was the impetus for the blog?

Being a young entrepreneur / freelancer I just wanted to create an avenue for my clients. The world is becoming so advanced and almost every SUCCESSFUL business out there has a website. Not saying a business cannot be successful without it but I just think it helps. I just figured it's time to show the world what I can do.  So again, anyone who is need of website services, video editing services, writing services, transcription services, virtual assistant services can reach me here. Young people, women especially who just need motivation can also reach me here. 

Any final words to people reading this ?

Thanks for taking the time out to come to this site. Please put your comments below. I would love to know what you think about the site. If you need to send me a message privately please visit the contact page and send me a message. Also stay connected and follow me on social media.