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Want to own your first car? Here's what you should know.

I hate taking public transportation! Somewhere between getting my pockets picked, having strange people rub up on me, having my nose ambushed by the smell of sweaty school children and hard working people, and being squished together like a ham sandwich,I realised  that I had to get serious and save for my “dream car.”


I worked hard to save up the money I needed to get my first car. It wasn’t the car I originally wanted but I was excited to get it nevertheless. His name was Charlie and while I no longer have him ( I sold him to someone else) he taught me a lot.


Owning your first car makes you feel accomplished


I am sure everyone dreams of owning their first car. It makes you feel like you actually did something right in life. You can go just anywhere you want, whenever you want.


A car can be very expensive


So in addition to taking an entire lifetime to save up for the car, I had to insure the car and license it! Boy was I not ready for that. The cost to license the car for a year is about $8,000JMD and the cost to insure your car for the year depends on how old the car is and how long you’ve had your licensed for. I urge you to shop around for the best prices before selecting an insurance company. I decided to stick with ICWI. I found a plan that made sense to me there. Let’s not forget other costs like gas, servicing, cleaning products, car wash services, mechanic service charges etc. Always take care of your car. If there is a problem try to get solved. Usually the problems that seem small that you think you can put off turns into your worst nightmare.


Everyone wants a ride


This is the part that can be annoying. At first you would want to be helpful and take everyone where they want to go but then when you gas needles drops to E and these passengers don’t feel the need to show any appreciation you start to second guess your helpful ways.


You car becomes a person


You’ll start to treat your car like a person, it has sex appeal and it’s own style. If you hit a pothole you’ll feel it and you will find yourself talking to the car.


You police radar skills are heightened


So you’re speeding down the highway, you know you shouldn’t or you know the lights just turn red and you know you shouldn’t run the lights but you still do it. Then out of the blue comes the police. That voice telling you that you shouldn’t is your inner police radar. Listen to it.


Your car, your responsibility


You will have passengers who come in your car and just leave their garbage in your car. Better yet you may find that some people may even slam your door! You may even park your car and find a dozen scratches on it. It’s your car so you  have to assume responsibility in these situations.


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