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A Sunday at Dolphin Cove

What’s better than a day at the beach on a Sunday? A trip to Dolphin Cove of course celebrating my bestfriend’s birthday. It only took us about 45 minutes from Kingston, a car ride with filled with music and gossip lol . Despite the gloomy look in the sky we were on a mission to have fun.

I’ve been wanting to go to Dolphin Cove for like forever, but I was disappointed when I finally got there and found that the car had to be parked on the outside, on the street, where a million mischievous hands could gain access to it. While I was not the driver I can imagine how uneasy that must make them feel, especially the ones who have to park far away from Dolphin Cove because of no available spots nearby. Luckily the lord presented a parking space right at the entrance where the security could see it.

All the staff members were friendly. Everyone of them, which is not really a common thing in Jamaica so that was refreshing. It seemed like it was definitely our lucky day because the weather was great, not too hot , just right and the coupons we had allowed us to save a ton of money.  The shows they had scheduled were on time and entertaining. The Dolphin Encounter program was really good. We got to pet the dolphin, learn about these lovely creatures, take pictures, and watch them do their tricks. It was truly an experience.  I thought the dolphin encounter would have been my favourite but I loved the bird aviary even more. Dolphin Cove has rabbits, snakes, iguanas, parrots, speed boats, kayaks, sharks, stingrays, a water slide, restaurants, gift shops, and a beach. Let’s just say there is a lot to do, so if Dolphin Cove is your next destination prepare yourself to spend the entire day there if you want to do all the activities. Overall it was a good trip. I would recommend this attraction and I would definitely do it again.


What to bring:

  • Swimsuits

  • Shades

  • Towel

  • Beach Slippers

  • Change of clothes

  • Camera

  • Extra money to purchase snacks or food.

We finished the evening at Evita’s in Ocho Rios. This Italian restaurant overlooks the ocean and parts of the town. It’s definitely a perfect spot for romantics, I guess that’s why the entire evening’s conversation was centered on relationships. The food was bomb, the service excellent and it’s one of the best restaurants I’ve been to in Ocho Rios.