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Guest Post: Top tips to grow and maintain the health of your natural hair

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In today's post, I will share with you tips to show your natural hair some love. As you know natural hair is a trending topic in the world. You may have done the big chop or considered doing it because you want to embrace your natural hair texture. 

So here are my top tips to grow, maintain the health of, and embrace your natural hair.
1. Have a set regimen for wash days - This allows you to be able to follow a schedule that will allow you to have optimally healthy hair. For example, shampoo your scalp only with a sulphate free shampoo, then conditioner your hair and detangle with your comb or fingers. Next deep condition your hair for extra moisture, and strength. Lastly, rinse and style as per usual.

2. Use natural products - This may be difficult to do, however, it is still achievable. Use products that contain natural ingredients such as oils, shea butter, and flaxseeds. Natural products are much better than synthetic products because the vitamins and minerals are potent. Products filled with chemicals such as petrolatum, mineral oil and sulphate, can hinder your natural hair overall health. Or, you can create your own products.

3. Do the LOC method - The LOC or LCO method is a moisturising your technique in which you apply liquid, oil and cream in the same order as lettering.  You are able to moisturise your hair using the water or leave in conditioner (liquid) and oil, then seal it in using any oil or cream, for example, cocoa butter. Hence, your hair will stay moisturised for a long period of time.

4. Eat healthy - Yes, eating healthy will improve the health of your natural hair. As you know “what you put into your body, will come out”. Therefore, if we eat healthily, specifically fruits, vegetables and proteins our hair will thrive. The numerous vitamins and minerals from the fruits and vegetables will assist with providing our strands and scalp with the nourishment needed to promote growth and improve the moisture levels on your hair. In addition, foods rich in protein, for example, meat will help to strengthen your hair. As well as, improve your hair’s elasticity.

5. Drink water - We live on the land of wood and "Water". Therefore, there should be no excuse for you to drink more water. Water is good for your skin, and your hair. Water will improve the moisture levels of your hair. In addition, improve the shine and the manageability of your hair.

6. Do Low Manipulation Styles - These are styles that do not require any maintenance throughout the week. So, you style your hair at the start of the week, then it lasts for the entire time. You can try styles such as wash and go, twist-outs, braid-outs, buns and many more. These styles reduce over manipulation that may cause breakage.

7. Love your hair - Honestly, this is easier said than done. You may be struggling with handling your natural hair. Or, you don't see much representation of your specific hair type within the world. But regardless of all of the negative, there is much positivity that comes with loving your natural hair. These would include mastering a hairstyle, truly loving yourself, and much more. 

Love your hair and it will love you back.

I hope these tips helped you your natural hair game. However, if you don't have natural hair these tips will work for you just as well.

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About the blogger: 

Ashley. 21. Happy. Final Year University Student. Blogger @ Freelancer. Natural Hair, Finance, Motivation and
Self-Care Enthusiast.