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Top Services To Offer Online

Whether you are looking for that extra income to help you pay the bills, build your brand and client list or you just love the freedom of working whenever you want, more persons are leaning towards freelancing. 

One question I get asked often is what should I offer online? I usually tell people to think about  the things they're passionate about and their skills and create services with these two things in mind. However, I think there is something else that should be considered and that's the demand for the services you want to offer.  It makes no sense offering services that no one wants.

If you are thinking about entering the freelancing world and curious about the services that are in demand, check this list below.

1. Transcription
2. Logo Design
3. Data Entry
4. Website Building
5. Content Writing
6. Video Editing
7. Project Management
8. Social Media Manager
9. Email Marketing
10. Advertising Copywriting
11. Ghost Writing
12. Translation
13. Photo Editing
14. Online Researching
15. Voice Acting
16. SEO Services


Hope you found this post helpful. Let me know what you think about it in the comment section below.