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Top 5 reasons why every girl should own a business

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Hey, ladies. This one is for you. As you must by now I am all about girl power and entrepreneurship and I love to see women with the CEO title beside their names. We've come a far way from just being housewives and nurses to being able to do just about any job out there. So imagine how surprised I was to overhear a girl say to her friend that she doesn't need a job. What she needs is a rich man.

Girl! Why oh why do girls still think like this??? You mean to tell me, women, rather be with rich men not because they genuinely like the guy but because of his finances, they do everything the man requests because once he is happy she gets paid. That doesn't sound like a happily ever after to me. That sounds like slavery and not slavery in any kinky but just a real live slave, in 2017. 

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A man is not a financial plan. No debates necessary. Men, especially the men with money, never stick around. The cheat a lot because they can afford to and they only care about their business and making money. Your wants and needs as a wife or girlfriend are just not that important to them. He will always choose his business first. Why stick around, take all kinds of bullshit just so you can live a fancy life? How about you get your own business, you make your own money and live a happy life and if the rich husband comes along then that's a plus? Your personal finance is your responsibility anyway. Just look at what happened to Lisa Raye. Don't be naive ladies. 

You have a story to tell. Have you ever been in a situation where you are out and someone comes up to you and asks you what do you do?  Just imagine how amazing you would sound if you could tell that person I run my own business. For me, once I stepped over to the entrepreneur side a lot of respect from people who didn't give it before came my way. I love talking about my business and it gives me a feeling of accomplishment whenever I talk about my profession. 

Spare time. In the beginning, your time will be limited but once your business starts to grow and you get the hang of things you will find that you will have some spare time and if not you can take the time because you're the boss. I get to travel more and do more of the things I want now as an entrepreneur. I can go on the road and run errands whenever I want instead of worrying about calling my boss to ask for some time before work or to take the day. 

Job security.  No one can fire you. You're the boss and that's the best feeling. As long as you keep your business running you have a job. 

Learning new skills. When I first started out I couldn't afford to hire people so I had to learn to do a lot of things on my own. I was eager to learn because I was passionate about my business and I desperately wanted to succeed. I spent hours on Google and Youtube learning new skills.

If you don't want to take the plunge and go full-time boss mode you can still have your regular day job and have a side hustle. Wise up, get your money, save and be a boss!