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Tonian McDonald: Living With Glaucoma

Welcome to another episode of vibing with Sue. New episodes are released every single monday at 4pm. Remember to subscribe for updates. Today's topic: Living With Glaucoma
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About Tonian

My name is  Tonian C. McDonald, Am an LLB graduate, Author, MBA student and Glaucoma Advocate.  I love Food and have a passion for success. I was diagnosed with glaucoma while completing my law degree, things change drastically I did not plan to write a book yet, But seeing that there is no support local for glaucoma patient I had to risk it. My philosophy of life, as my late mentor Jim Rohn would say, If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.

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Social media @livingwithglaucoma on IG and FB, @Glaucomawith on Twitter, snapchat @livingwglaucoma.

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