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Tips For Using Instagram Live

Going live can be nerve-wracking but trust me, it gets easier and easier every time. Going live on Instagram is a great way to connect with your audience, they can interact with you, ask you questions and receive answers in real time.

Tips For Using Instagram Live.png

The point is Instagram is a very powerful tool and if you have a business or a personal brand you should be taking advantage of this feature.

Here are some reasons you why you should go Live.

  • Instagram live is perfect for businesses and brands who want to introduce a new product or service.

  • Instagram live allows your brand to show personality.

Check Out This Video On How To Go Live

Using Instagram Live like a pro: 5 Top Tips

1. Prepare for your broadcast

It is important to know what you want to say before you go live. Don't just go live for any ol' reason. Create a strategy/ plan for your live. Ask yourself these questions:

- Why are you going live?

- What will your audience learn?

Because the video is live you want to eliminate the possibilities of error as much as possible so preparing a guideline of the topics you would like to cover would be ideal. I usually keep my guideline close by my phone and I occasionally glance down on it just to make sure I've said all I wanted to say and not going off topic.

Sometimes before I go live I do a test run by just recording myself with my camera. This way I get to check if the lighting is good, how I look on camera, how my background looks etc.

2. Create A Buzz

Tell your followers that you'll be going live and the time that they can expect you to be ona day or two before. You can even give them an idea of the topic to encourage them to be on.

3. Get to the point

Do not... I repeat do not try to drag out the live. Stick to your points in your outline as much as possible. We all know people's attention span is really short and you don't want your audience to get bored. Keep the live short, especially if it's your first time. However, if the audience is really engaging then you want to engage back.

4. Summarize in an Instagram Post or Story

The time you select may not be suitable for everyone. Some persons will, unfortunately, miss your Instagram live. Don't leave them out or punish them for not being able to get on your live. You can share your Instagram live to your story for 24 hours after the live is finished as well as you can create an Instagram post that summarizes what you talked about in your live.

5. Get a cheerleader

If you're still feeling nervous about going live, you could consider asking a close friend to jump on and be your cheerleader. Ask them to send you a message on your live to remind you to smile or to keep your energy up, of course using terms only you guys would understand. You never what can happen and sometimes someone's comment or question can throw you off but seeing a message from a friend, giving you a thumbs up or some funny message can help you to regain focus.