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Thinking Of Quitting Your Job? Ask Yourself These Questions First

The thought of quitting my job crossed my mind a few times when I was working in a 9-5 and I am sure it has crossed your mind too.  See the thing is when we land that new job we are usually excited about it, get to work early, sometimes willing to do a little overtime because it's new until the new feelings wear off and the workload starts to get to us.  Sometimes it's just time for a new environment, so if you're thinking about quitting your job ask yourself these questions first. 

1. What is the root of your unhappiness at work?
2. Is it that you lack passion?
3. How will I explain this short tenure to future employers?
4.Can and should I give the position more time?
5. Is my job affecting your mood outside of work hours?
6. Am I  learning from my job?
7. Am I earning enough?
8. Am I able to sustain myself until I get a new job?
9. Am I feeling overwhelmed at work?
10. Do I know what I want to do next?
11. Is there an opportunity here to make it work at my job?