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The Menstrual Survival Guide

The Menstrual Survival Guide.png

Periods are the worst.  There is really no "nice" word to describe this trauma we females go through on a monthly basis. If I could get one wish in this world I would wish away these dreadful monthly events for every single female out there.  -____- 

Yes, it is horrible and no I am not being dramatic. Right ladies? I really hate talking about it but this last month here, I had an awful time. The cramps were out of this world and it felt like I was on my death bed(too dramatic?)

Anywhoo, in preparation for next month I decided I will do my research to prepare for this feminine war zone.  Here are some tips I found online and I would like to call it The Menstrual Survival Guide. 

Menstrual Survival Guide


I know exercise is the furthest thing from your mind right now especially if you are feeling those crippling pains but it helps. It really does. I get fewer cramps when I am very active and exercising. 

Take pills for immediate relief

If the pain is unbearable it's best to start seeking menstrual pain relief in the form of pills. There are a number of brands to choose from. You can visit your nearest pharmacist and ask for recommendations. 

The good old heating pad

This is a lifesaver. Believe me.  Putting some heat on the areas where it hurts helps almost instantly. Try it yourself. 

Vitamin B1 and Magnesium

Magnesium is a key nutrient for preventing water retention. Eating foods such as bananas, pumpkin seeds, and dark leafy greens help. Avoid alcohol and caffeine, sugar and processed foods during these times. 


Drinking more water may help ease bloating, which makes symptoms worse. 


Heating Pads

Menstrual Pain Relief Pills

Heat Wraps 

I hope you've found this post helpful. Let me know how you relieve your menstrual cramps. Comment below.