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Guest Post: The Love Actually


Dear Readers,

I am Adrian Clarke and I will be one of the guest bloggers for this eloquently meticulous and prestigious blog. Since this is the first publishing I said to myself why not write about the topic always on our minds, whether we go to bed finding ourselves dreaming about it or we end up in a daze subconsciously grappling with the idea of having it.

Nope, I am not talking about Money or even Sex. However I am edging at something the movies and novels highlight as being way more magical.

Yes!!! The answer is Love, and Love in its entirety. In a world where Love is not being broadcast on mainstream media the way it should be, people would question if genuine love truly exist. It is amazing how one of the smallest words in the English Language can create such a buzz. The renaissance man of Love, William Shakespeare had dedicated his entire career on the topic; leaving us with such a plethora of definitions on what love actually is, and ever since my bubbly days in high school I have been completely and emphatically bowled over by the idea of being in love.

I can safely say I have had my fair share of experiences with the many different types of love out there, so I will give you an exposition on all the love varieties along with what I believe are the problems faced with each type. Also I will share with you what I think is the most ideal love and how we should go about in an attempt to identify and cherish it.

My first type I call “Conflict of Interest”, I know the name has you wondering what kind of love this is. However, this is the type we tend to find in school with the jocks also it is very common with celebrities. This is when two people of interest and the common ground of fame get together because it is going have that trending effect; the major problem with this type of love is that it is not really substantial and majority of the times end in misery. This is because authentic, sincere love does not care about the opinions of others; it is all about the two involved. Do not become a victim of falling in love with idea of falling in love with a person.

Unequivocal Denial.jpeg

My second type I call “Unequivocal Denial”, this is when we find a person dwelling in denunciation and is the only person in the relationship. It is like one has quaffed their own love potions and have become an optical illusion of the love the other loves to hate. Beware of this kind as it leads to dramatic depression. The problem with this type of love varies though. We can have a case where a partner can be severely hurt from past encounters and is yet to recuperate, or one has been reading all the wrong signs, fell deeply as an infatuated victim only to realize that nothing one does is ever good enough, for example you scatter roses and your partner only felt the thorns.

long distance.jpeg

My third and final type I call “Swallowed in the Sea”, this is the most common due to globalization and the advances of technology which makes the world seem so much smaller. It is when people are finding their soul mates and are falling deeply in love over crazy distances. Of course it is much easier and exciting because of the countless amounts of ways to bridge the gap we know as distance, with the immergences of email and instant messaging. The major problem with being swallowed in the sea thought, is that you are going to be locked away from what is really around you and what is tangible while in an effort to find solace one starts to blame the world for being unfair. It gets even more heart wrenching when you really want just the comfort of your partner’s company and video chatting cannot seem to suppress the urge of wanting to be close be to them. Ultimately this all leads to chronic depression, leaving you in such a melancholic state it is a difficult task to function in our 3 dimensional reality.

                The ideal love is very spontaneous, while we are there looking out for a warning sign it just happens, we find ourselves crashing into someone. Many of us have had that crashing effect but have walked away because of some pain encountered, but who says love is not supposed to hurt real badly and imitates the feeling of your heart being wrenched out off your rib cage. I say Love is the most painful yet the most amazing thing around and that is the tremendous irony, as love craves on all of our expressions; beauty, joy and even tears.  Love cannot be lost in the yesteryears nor does it end. Love lives the moment love is now, so I say when the wrong words seem to rhyme and you collide into that someone without that sign saying “slow down love ahead” take hold of the prospect with both hands, stay calm because inner peace is mandatory, ensure there is comprehension between you both and understand the calling of the magic of love, however do not be drawn into fiction just keep it real, stay strong and never fall but rather stand tall in love. ONE LOVE!!!!!


About the blogger: 

Adrian Clarke is a spiritual seeker. Severe trauma as a child set him on a path of healing himself. That zeal led him to learn as much as he could about personal transformation. Dubbed as the young Marcus Garvey, he earned his B.A. degrees in Philosophy & Economics at the Providence University College and Theological Seminary in Manitoba, Canada.

Adrian is also a Travel Blogger, Social Media Manager and Cannabis Consultant.