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That time I got Faux Locks

Empress Sue here lol. I love my locs.  I don’t think I would ever get locs permanently but I am digging the new hair do.  So many people been asking about my hair do, who did it, how hard it is to maintain  and so I thought I should do a post about this. So here goes….

10 things you ought to know about Faux Locs

  1. You can wash your faux locs. Its pretty easy to do. Just apply the shampoo to your scalp and massage your scalp. You are trying to remove any dirt or oil from the scalp so that it doesn’t itch. Then work the lather down to the locks. Wash shampoo out with warm water. Please note the hair becomes extremely heavy when wet. You can dry the hair with with a hair dryer/blow dryer. I prefer to towel dry. 
  2. Depending on how you care your locs it can last up to 3 months. I had mine in for 2 months!
  3. It’s a great protective style. 
  4. Tie down your hair in the nights to maintain the hairstyle.
  5. Oil scalp as you would normally. I recommend getting one of the liquid hair olds with the nozzle.
  6. The hair can be heavy in the beginning but eventually you will get used to it. 
  7.  It's easy to style. 
  8. It's natural for it to get fuzzy really quickly. 
  9. The process can be tedious. It took about  8 hours for my hair to be done. 
  10. If the hair starts to unravel you can burn it so that it stays in place