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Reprogram your money beliefs

So from the inception, I always thought to have the excess amount of money was a very bad thing and so I never thought about money, I never thought about being well off, I never thought of living in a fancy home. My parents were regular people. They didn't have a fancy job or fancy cars. We were just normal people trying to live a normal life.

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Reasons why you are not successful

Are you struggling with success in life? Do you feel like you try really hard but others seem to be more successful that you ? Join me and my guest Cheneil Clarke in another exciting episode of Vibing With Sue.

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Celebrate Yourself

We all love to be told, " You're doing a good job" or "I'm proud of you." 

Don't lie. We all love praises.Some a little bit more than others but the bottom line is we like praises. We like praises because it makes us feel like we are finally doing something right, we like it because we are being noticed by others and it encourages us to keep pursuing our goals. 

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