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Those Creative People's New Colour Collection

Finding a tote bag that is not only stylish but also big enough to carry all your belongings can be tough. Am I right ladies? That’s why I feel so compelled to share this hidden gem with you guys. Those Creative People are the creators of this lovely tote bag you’ve seen me rocking recently. They also make a variety of novelty gift items, greeting cards & gift tags.

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Be A Great UX Designer With These Tips

User experience design is a huge part of a business and it is the process whereby a user experience and product is designed in order to provide the best service for a customer or client. When it comes to creating a wonderful product and process for your audience, it is important for you to create something which is easy to access and navigate and makes the product clear to the audience. Today we are going to talk about how you can improve your UX design to increase sales.

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How to Wake Yourself Up Naturally for the Most Productive Day

Did you know that a whopping 90% of executives wake up before 6AM on weekdays? According to a survey conducted by Laura Vanderkam, it’s true. She studied the morning rituals of several successful people and discovered that being an early riser was a major commonality.

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Do You Need To Hire A Consultant? Signs Your Business Needs Help

If you’re thinking of hiring a consultant to help with your business but you don’t know whether or not it is the right decision for you then don’t worry, you have definitely come to the right place. Running your own business can be incredibly stressful and if you try to do it all alone, chances are you will begin to struggle sooner or later. Although it may be hard letting someone else have a say in what you do within your business, the results will be worth it in the end. With that in mind, here are number of reasons you might want to consider hiring a consultant for your business: 

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How To Deal When Your Business Is Making Your Head Spin

No one ever said that starting your own business was easy. And in fact, one of the aspects that many first time entrepreneurs struggle to deal with is really quite simple - processing power. In your previous job, you may have felt like you had a lot on your plate. But a small business owner doesn't have the same clearly defined role boundaries as a corporate employee.

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Glorias Seafood City Takes Ocho Rios

We were invited to Gloria’s Seafood city Grand Opening last night. Gloria’s Seafood City is renowned for authentic and delectable seafood and with consistency, they have successfully been able to provide locals and internationals with palatable seafood dishes for over forty (40) years.

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From cane to glass: A Worthy experience | Worthy Park Estate Rum Tour

If you’re a rum lover, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy fantastic rums on the beautiful island of Jamaica. We have a few distilleries here and Worthy Estate is one of them. I recently visited their distillery to participate in their rum tour and had an amazing time. Worthy Parks tour consists of the telling of the history of Worthy Park's rum, a tour of the facility and rum tasting.

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Home Office Essentials Every Entrepreneur Cannot Be Without

If you have recently waved goodbye to your full time job in an effort to launch your very own work from home business. Being at home and following a passion in order to earn a living can be thrilling. But, it can also be a tad scary. Launching yourself into a new industry or sector can be tough. All of a sudden you go from being an employed specialist to a self employed Jack of all trades. While you are keen to see your business succeed, you also need to make sure that the environment around you keeps you productive. The shift from working in an office with colleagues to a home office on your own can be difficult to manage.

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