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Happy International Women's Day: The Women Who Inspire Me

Screaming Happy International Women's Day to all the women in the world.  This day is all about elevating each other, giving the voices of ladies a chance to be heard, celebrating being a lady and striving for progress in gender equality. In celebration of such an iconic day,  I decided to write this post to share with you the women who inspire me every single day. 

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What to do when your view doesn't match the vision?

Everyone has that moment in life that causes them to stop and think about their future. Know what I'm talking about? It's that time where something devastating happened, maybe you lost a job or a family member and you start to question your own life and the future. Do you start to ask questions like what am I doing? Why am I not where I want to be?

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My 27 Power Statements

The other day, I stumbled upon one of my favorite blogger's post about power statements. I too often think about the things I would want my friends, family, the people around me to say about me, the type of impact I would want to leave on people, the things people would say I always said. 

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Reasons why you are not successful

Are you struggling with success in life? Do you feel like you try really hard but others seem to be more successful that you ? Join me and my guest Cheneil Clarke in another exciting episode of Vibing With Sue.

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Celebrate Yourself

We all love to be told, " You're doing a good job" or "I'm proud of you." 

Don't lie. We all love praises.Some a little bit more than others but the bottom line is we like praises. We like praises because it makes us feel like we are finally doing something right, we like it because we are being noticed by others and it encourages us to keep pursuing our goals. 

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