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Why weightloss is not the only reason to exercise

Weight loss should not be the only motivator to sign up for a gym or to start exercising. Every day new articles are published with all these benefits of exercising. I've been doing my very own research since I am into fitness now and there are so many reasons to work out every day that you probably didn't know.

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27 things I learnt in 27 years

I am almost 30, yikes! I remember celebrating my 21st birthday a few years ago and now I am looking forward to my 28th. Life has taught me so many lessons. Every day , every week, every year I continue to grow and learn more. I am proud of myself on how far I’ve come, the things I have achieved, and I am excited to do more and learn more.  These 27 years have been amazing, hard, difficult and fulfilling all in one. Here are 27 life lessons I’ve learnt in my 27 years.

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