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Suety's Boutique: Maxi Skirt and Crop Tops

I can't believe it's a week already! Take me back :( I had the most amazing birthday last week. I started off the celebration with a dinner with my closest friends at the Pallet Ja. The morning of, I had breakfast at the Strawberry Hills and then ended my day at the beach :)  

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Entrepreneur Highlight: Stacy Ann Hayles

Occasionally we will be interviewing young entrepreneurs where we get to know them, the type of business they're in and gain insights on their journey as an entrepreneur. Today I introduce Stacy and she will be telling us more about her business.

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Suety Travel Diaries : Floyd's Pelican Bar

As soon as I learnt of this hidden gem, Floyd’s Pelican bar, it immediately became an entry on my bucket list. Now, the fact that you came here means you have either been to the bar or you want to go. If you have, please comment below and tell me all about your experience. Also let me know if I missed anything in the tips below. If Floyd's Pelican Bar is currently on your bucket list, I hope you find this post helpful.

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A Sunday at Dolphin Cove

What’s better than a day at the beach on a Sunday? A trip to Dolphin Cove of course celebrating my bestfriend’s birthday. It only took us about 45 minutes from Kingston, a car ride with filled with music and gossip lol . Despite the gloomy look in the sky we were on a mission to have fun.

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