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Running Fitbit's Miami Half Marathon

13.1 miles... I have never done a half marathon (13.1 miles ) before but I was confident I could finish the race.  Now that I am into health and fitness, I look for opportunities like these where I can test myself.  I had it all worked out in my head,  I would pace myself, keep positive, breathe properly and finish strong but life decided to add some unwanted ingredients to the mix, nevertheless, the lemonade tasted just as great. 

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Why weightloss is not the only reason to exercise

Weight loss should not be the only motivator to sign up for a gym or to start exercising. Every day new articles are published with all these benefits of exercising. I've been doing my very own research since I am into fitness now and there are so many reasons to work out every day that you probably didn't know.

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7 Tips To Lose Belly Fat That Will Blow Your Mind!

Nowadays my age isn't the only thing that's increasing :( My Gut is!

Sigh... I love food! Any kind of food in fact, and it is usually the kinds of food that isn't necessarily good for the body. So for 2017 one of my goals is to get in SHAPE and stay in shape.

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