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How to get more clients in 2019

If you've been following my blog then you already know I started my business after I was laid off from my old 9-5 job. I later got into blogging because I learned so much on my entrepreneurial journey and I wanted to share that with other aspiring entrepreneurs/freelancers. I asked a question on my Instagram a couple of weeks ago and most persons wanted to know how to get more clients, so I decided I would write a blog on the topic. I get it, clients/ customers are the livelihood of the business. Your business NEEDS clients/customers. Without clients, you can’t keep your business going and without them, you can't grow.

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Why you should secure your domain name

Purchasing your domain name for your business is a smart investment. Having a domain is like having your own unique identity on the internet. No two persons can own the same domain at the same time.

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How To Start A Virtual Assistant Business

Hi, it's Sue-Tanya and welcome to this week's episode - how to start a virtual assistant business. When I first started my virtual assistant business in 2013 I had no idea what I was doing, I had no experience. I made a lot of mistakes, a lot of trials and error. I worked hard, did my research, learned new skills and built a virtual assistant business I am proud of today. Follow these steps for creating a virtual assistant business.

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What is data entry and how to do it?

Today's blog post is a little late but better late than never right? Thank you guys for being patient with me : ) Check out this amazing video that describes data entry, tells you what you'll need to do data entry and give you tips for being great at data entry.

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Pricing Your Clients

Today I want to talk about pricing as a freelancer. I think many freelancers and entrepreneurs struggling with pricing. So I decided to give you a few tips. Pricing should be straightforward, but a lot of entrepreneurs struggle with pricing their products or services. If you charge a high price, you can deter customers from buying and if your charge too low, you could just be throwing money away. 

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Working From Home

Admit it. Working from home sounds cool, right? If someone told me that I would end up working from home a couple of years ago I would have given them a confused look because until a few years ago, I didn't know it was possible. 

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How To Use Canva

Canva... sweet Canva. I just can't wait to tell you about this amazing site called Canva. If you have no experience in graphic designing, this is the site for you.  

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5 Things To Do On A Rainy Day

Rainy days are becoming very common nowadays in my beautiful country and to be honest I miss the sunshine. Since I can't change the weather,  I decided to come up with a list of things to do during these rainy days.  Here are some things you can do on a rainy day. 

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