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Year One

On November 10th 2016 I decided to take the plunge and build my personal website. I knew I wanted a platform to offer my services, showcase my work and to be able to blog about the topics I am most interested in. I had no idea that that vision would become a reality and that today I would be celebrating my first year an official entrepreneur.  I am proud of the growth of the website and blog. I am thankful for every comment, every ready, every like and sale. THANK YOU GUYSSSSS. Because of you, I can celebrate year one! I did a photo shoot with Knakia for the blog anniversary and here are some of the pictures.  

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10 common misconceptions about me

Misconceptions... we all have them, even for the people we know very well. I'm guilty. I was inspired to write a post like this because I'm often misconceived because I am a woman, because of the things that interest me, because of the things I talk about, because of the things I don't talk about, because of the color of my skin and because of my nationality.

Here are a few things I would like to kick to the curb.

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How To Get What You Want Out Of Life

Unfortunately life doesn’t come with a big manual on how to win. For some people when  they think of the word life they think “ Chaotic” or  “It’s a mess” or “ It’s unfair” but for others they feel quite the opposite and nothing but good adjectives come to mind. “I’m blessed” or “ Life is good.”. We’ve seen so many persons turn their lives around, so many success stories. So how do we cross over from this bad life to having the good life?Is there a secret to getting what you want out of life and being happy? 

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