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Preparing For Your First Pop-Up Shop
Tips For Designing Your First Home Office

One of the things I had on my vision board this year was to dedicate an area in my home for my official home office. When I first tarted working online I had no official office to work from but my regular seat in front of the television. As time progressed I realized that I could have been getting more done, be less distracted if I had a home office, an area dedicated to getting my work done.

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How To Create Subliminal Messages In Ads

As David Ogilvy, the โ€œFather of Advertising,โ€ once said, โ€œA good advertisement is one which sells the product without drawing attention to itself.โ€

Customer perception of a product or service not only impacts your direct business but potential customers too. Small businesses should stay on top of unique or interesting ways to keep customers engaged.

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Collagen: Get age-defying skin and faster hair growth with this miracle protein

Get age-defying skin and faster hair growth with this miracle protein

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Guest Post: Effective Management

Here we going to learn how to treat the customers? what are the skills required for the customer services? And how manage the customers queries? The important aspects in customer service training is given as follows:

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Mastering Pinterest for Small Business Owners

When you think of social media, most people think of the big three: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. For small business owners especially, these are the main platforms where theyโ€™re able to connect with and inform their customers. Most small businesses have profiles across several, if not all three social media platforms. As the social era of the internet is only gaining traction, itโ€™s no surprise that keeping up means learning new social media tricks. The next important platform that businesses are already beginning to utilize, is Pinterest.

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Jamaica Carnival 2019

This year I decided to do a Vlog on my Jamaica carnival experience with Xaymaca International. Check out my Vlog on Jamaica Carnival 2019

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