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Suety's Boutique : White Lace Bodysuit (2).png

We made it to February. Grateful!

This month's look is this beautiful white lace bodysuit. I'm a fan of lace but a full bodysuit made of lace... I don't know. While I may dabble and try out risky' fashionable items, the thought of a full lace body had me deciding whether I should buy or not. I eventually caved in and got some. Here's the look.


I loved the way the material felt, it was light and of good quality. I don't think I would ever wear this as is out in public, however, I would get it lined with a nude fabric and rock this baby. It's so chic. I love the frills and the way they fall when walking. As for accessories, I would keep the accessories at a minimum and simple. The outfit makes a statement all on its own. I loved how it looked on me, I would love it more if it was lined.

Check out the video below.