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Suety Travel Diaries: The Oasis Resort in Negril

Have you ever watched the movie Girl Trip? If you haven't I recommend that you do.  The movie is filled with life lessons and humour that is sure to put a  smile on your face and have you singling out which character reminds you of yourself the most. 

Just like the ladies in Girl Trip,  my girls and I  took a trip to The Oasis Resort in Negril and it sure was a trip we would never forget. The journey to The Oasis Resort was an adventure in itself, However, I decided to just start at the moment we set foot on the property, that's where the real trip began.  

I want to specially thank Terry-Ann who got us this amazing deal that allowed us to pay for one night and get the second night free of charge.  I think she may have so more of these deals left.  Click here and fill out the form using "Oasis Special" in the body of the message to get access to the special deal. 

The Welcome
On entry, we were greeted with welcome drinks and a cold towel.  The staff members were so friendly and welcoming which helped to make the visit a special one. You could really feel their eagerness to assist with any special request we had. They gave us all the information we needed to know, all the rules, times when food would be served etc at the beginning so there wasn't any need to call the front desk afterwards. 

The Property
The property was so clean. I was beyond amazed that this place would look so good.  The property has been around for years but recently changed the name to The Oasis Resort and most recently changed to being an all-inclusive resort. The location of the resort, West End Negril. The prices per night vary per season so you can contact the resort to find the going rate.  It's a small resort painted in vibrant colours, orange and teal. The furniture and decor are definitely modern. The parking lot is spacious so you have ample space to park if you are mobile. The lobby area is small but has enough chairs to sit comfortably until you are ushered to your room.  The process to check in is very quick so the wait time in this lobby area is very short.  The pool is decent sized and I believe big enough for guests to have a good time if the resort was full to capacity.  There is also a jacuzzi above the pool with a waterfall that looks best in the night when they turn on the lights.  The bar is spacious with comfortable bar stools that match the resort's colour scheme.  I love the fact that the only dining area is on the outside and in close distance to the bar and the pool.  It has a roof to protect you from the sun and the sides come down to protect you from the rain, which it did when we were there.  Breakfast is served between 7 am -10 am, lunch between 12 pm and 4 pm and dinner between 7 pm and 10 pm.

Everything Else
The rooms were a delight to be in. I almost never wanted to leave the room. The beds were comfy and properly made. The bathroom was gorgeous and I thoroughly enjoyed the hot water daily. There was an AC unit in the room, so if you got hot, the AC would be there. The weather was so nice there, we would get sunshine in the morning until about 4 pm, rain from about 4 pm till about 6 pm and the weather would remain cool for the rest of the night.  Their dress code was flexible and there was no pressure to be formally dressed for dinner which is perfect because we really wanted to relax and just enjoy the place.  They have wifi on property that was accessible EVERYWHERE, so I was able to stay connected. They have cable in the rooms so if you prefer to stay to yourself you can chill in your room and watch television. The staff leaves the property by 10 pm and they only serve food between the hours listed above. So if you know you'll be hungry after your meal it's best to take seconds and you get to take it to your room. They have spa services as well.  They have a tennis court if you are in the mood to burn some calories. There's also entertainment every night during dinner time. There's no beach on the property so the resort provides a shuttle for free that can take you to the nearby beaches. On the second day, we made our way over to Margaritaville.  You can check out the pictures below.