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Suety Travel Diaries: Seven Seas, Mammee Bay (8).png

As a travel blogger, I am always looking for a new place to visit. Since I started my blog last year, I have only visited hotels because hotels seem easier to me. Whether it be an all-inclusive hotel or bed and breakfast, everything is provided there on the property, food, pools, drinks, towels, cable, room service etc. While at a villa you may have to worry about the location of the villa and how close it is to stores or the nearby town, eating arrangements, travel arrangements, where to go for activities, cleaning up rooms and plates after eating etc. 

I mean the purpose of a getaway is to relax and have fun right?

I recently stayed at the Seven Seas Villa in Mammee Bay Jamaica and my word! My entire perspective on villas have been changed. I am now officially a fan Seven Seas Villas and here's why. 



The best thing about the Seven Seas Villa is that we had more privacy than we would have if we opted for a hotel. The entire property was ours to play in. I remember even leaving my laptop in the living room to charge overnight and not having to worry about someone taking off with it. The villa came with a security and dogs that helped us to feel very safe. 



Location is everything and this villa, Seven Seas is a beachfront property which means we have this amazing view of the beach as we open our room doors. When I say amazing I mean AMAAAZZINNG. I got early on a few mornings just to see the sunrise.  The property is well kept, the furniture is modern and there are a lot of unique pieces that make the villa special. I think my favorite parts of the villa would be the pool, the jacuzzi, and the hammock. 



Just think about it, imagine you have to share a hotel pool with all these people you don't know. I for one hate going into a crowded pool where you have kids splashing and people diving and talking loud and laughing.  If you are talking with your friends you may have to code the conversation so that the general public won't be able to follow. Just having a private pool is just a better experience. I loved that I could come out in my bikini and not think about the million eyes that would be staring at my gut and the only people that would be in the pool were people I knew.



We didn't have to worry about slaving in the kitchen because the Seven Seas Villa came with an in-house chef. Our meals were prepared on time and we never complained about the way the food was prepared. The food was tasty and well presented every single day. However, if the villa you chose doesn't come with a chef you have the opportunity to prepare your food just the way you want it instead of getting food that is generally prepared to please the public. You also don't have to rush to get down to the buffet on time for breakfast or dinner, with a villa you can prepare your meals whenever you want.



Usually, at a hotel, you are limited to 2 adults to a room and maybe a child. With a villa, you can fit as many as you would like in each room. The rooms are usually close by as well so you can easily take a walk to your friend's room versus at hotel your friend's room could be very far.



At a hotel, you have to be considerate of the persons staying at the hotel so in general, you can't be loud. At a villa, you can be loud as you want. We even hosted a house party at the villa we stayed at on the last day, we had a DJ there on site too and there was no one to complain about us being too loud.