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Suety Travel Diaries : Floyd's Pelican Bar

A bar in the middle of the ocean?

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Of Course I would want to go there! As soon as I learnt of this hidden gem, Floyd’s Pelican bar, it immediately became an entry on my bucket list. Now, the fact that you came here means you have either been to the bar or you want to go. If you have, please comment below and tell me all about your experience. Also let me know if I missed anything in the tips below. If Floyd's Pelican Bar is currently on your bucket list, I hope you find this post helpful.

Floyd's bar has been rated one of the best bars in the world. The idea was conceived by Floyd Forbes who had a dream about having a bar out at sea one night. He turned that dream into reality in 2001 when he opened for business.

Kingston to Jack Sprat,Treasure Beach- 2.5 hours

The only way to get to the bar is by boat ( 20 minute ride). One of my friends who have been there before gave me a number for Captain Ted who run tours all the time to the bar. All you have to do is get to Jack Sprat in Treasure Beach and Ted will meet you at the location. He will then lead you to the boat that takes you over to the bar. Along the way he gave us a little history of the area and the bar. Captain Ted can be reached at : +18768545442
He charges $35 USD per person (tourists) and $2000 JMD per person (locals)

There are other ways to get to the bar: ( I haven’t tried these )
Parottee Point $10 USD per person (10-minute boat ride)
Black River $15USD per person ( 25-minute boat ride)


  • Towel
  • Water shoes
  • Waterproof Case
  • Sunblock 
  • Cash
  • Swimsuit
  • Camera


  • Travel as light as possible.
  •  Don’t take any valuables with you.  
  • Take a knife with you to carve your initials in the board. 
  • Take a memento ( Tshirt, License plate, business card etc)
  • Use the restrooms at Jack Sprat before heading over to the bar as there are no restrooms out there. 
  • There is little variety in alcoholic beverage there. (They mainly have Red Stripe beer, Red Stripe lite beer, vodka mixed drinks or Jamaican White Rum mixed drinks.)

If you are seeking authentic Jamaican adventure, please put Floyd’s pelican bar on your list. It’s a magical mix of nature, pure good vibes, sun and sea! 

Jack Sprat

The hunger started to set in. There isn’t much to do at the bar. After you go for a swim, take a couple of pictures and take a walk around the bar you may find yourself either feeling hungry or wondering what to do next. We all agreed that being hungry was the most common and dominant feeling among the group so we decided to go back to Jack Sprat to have dinner. I recommend that you put your order in ahead of time as the food is done to order, which means you may have to wait 20-40 minutes for your food to be ready- which is not good news if you are starving. They serve seafood “done just the way you like it.” Other menu items include: soups, chicken served with either mashed potatoes, rice, bammy or festivals, pizza and various dessert items.  It was the perfect way to end the trip, eating and recapping the awesome day we had.

Things I liked about Jack Sprat

  • Multiple seating areas with different views

  • Friendly staff

  • Clean  bathroom facility

  • ATM Machine on property ( Scotia ATM)

  • Wifi

  • Affordable food

  • Parking area


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