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Suety Travel Diaries: Cane River

Cane River Falls.png

Jamaica is filled with so many hidden treasures. It's been my main goal to highlight all of these hidden treasures. I am an adventure loverand I always up for visiting new places so when I saw some pics of Cane River Falls on Instagram I knew I had to find it. 


Where is it located?

The river is located in the Bull Bay area and it’s on the East Coast of Jamaica on the boarder of the St. Andrew and St. Thomas parishes. It's basically one straight ride coming from harbor view side. Look out for a sign on the left side of the road for the turn off andjust keep left until you see the sign that says Cane River Falls. 


What you need to know

  • The fee to enter the falls is $200JMD

  • The road leading up to the falls is very bad. The track is not recommended for low cars at all.

  • There is a long staircase that takes you down to the falls to swim. It may be easy to go down but it's harder to go back up. So be prepared for the stairs.

  • Take water shoes if you can. Some of the rocks are slippery.

  • There are no mosquitoes there :)

  • The area can be crowded because the falls is becoming popular but there are a number of pools near by the falls that you can enjoy.

  • Take only what you need when heading down to the falls. The lighter you travel the better.

  • There is a bar on the property so you can snacks and drinks to take with you down to the falls.



Check out this video of Cane River Falls

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