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Suety Travel Diaries: 7 Day Western Caribbean Carnival Cruise

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4 countries in 7 days! After my first cruise, i was hooked. I was already thinking about my second cruise so when my friend Luci finally found this awesome package with Carnival Cruise Line, I was excited, to say the least.  Since this was my second cruise I already knew what to expect, what to pack. My first cruise was to the Bahamas and it was awesome. You can read about it here: My First Cruise. There you will see all the things I did while I was in the Bahamas, you will see some awesome pics and my overall thoughts on the trip. 

Anywhoo so as I was saying I was booked my second cruise a 7-day western Caribbean cruise with Carnival. The sign in process was amazingly quick. I definitely loved that about this ship compared to the other cruise I had gone on. Their sail away party was really fun. I loved how much energy the crew had, the dancing and the music.  We took a cabin with a balcony which made me super excited since the last cabin we had didn't.  The views from the balcony were one of the best parts of the experience. Being able to see the ocean crash against the rocks or seeing the sun rise and set or seeing and capturing a full moon at seeing. I even saw a dolphin bobbing in and out of the water.  I recommend if you are going on your first cruise to try and get a cabin with a balcony view, trust me, it's worth it.  I love the variety of food. There was something for everybody on that ship and there was so much food! One advice from me, don't get carried away but don't starve yourself either. Don't eat too much and become lethargic and sleep all the time. You want to eat enough so that you can have the right amount of energy to have fun on the ship and boy was the entertainment lit! 

The last ship we were on had more of the mature passengers, the entertainment was more mature even though the had entertainment for the kids, However, Carnival had entertainment for all ages. The teenagers had their own club that was different from the adults. The adult bar had security at the door to screen all sail and sign cards (IDs) to make sure you were 18 years and old before entering. They have a gym, about  6 pools , about 8 jacuzzi, a dive in movie theatre, a salon, about  8 bars, a piano bar,  about  12 restaurants, A casino, 2 giant slides, a candy store and gift shop, an indoor theatre, game shows, lip sync battles, a comedy club that was packed every single night, art exhibitions, an gaming arcade and so much more. 

Day 2, was a day at Sea and I was sick! No Bueno, I felt awful. See I usually get carried away when I am having fun. I was so caught up in all the fun I was about to have, I forgot that I wasn't invincible. Sometimes when you step outside of your daily routine, you essentially let your physical guard down and become susceptible to all sorts of illnesses.  I had a cold and it was worse by day 3.  Colds are not the only thing to worry about, you may have a headache, seasickness, hangovers, belly aches...

Here are some ways you can prevent or minimize the chances of getting sick. 

  • Wash your hands often

  • Keep hydrated.

  • Wear sunscreen

  • Pace yourself at the buffet

  • Chew on halls

  • Take your medications with you on board

  • Take cold medicines on board with you

  • Take the stairs more often

  • Exercise if you can

  • Pace your alcohol intake

  • Carry around hand sanitizers

  • Get plenty of sleep. You will have fun but you also need to rest the body.

  • Make sure you're not ill before the cruise. Take necessary medications to make sure you are well.

On day 3 I woke up in Grand Cayman. I had fun here but it was my not my favourite stop. Then Honduras was next. Honduras was hassle free and relaxing. Belize was next. Belize was one of my favourite stops on this trip. I had more fun here than in Grand Cayman and Honduras. we got a pretty good deal on our excursion. As for Mexico.... It was so much fun. Now I am sure you're wondering... what I did in each of these countries... more details please! I will give you  more information on the different stops in another post (sign up to my newsletter to get updates), first I want to tell you what I generally thought about this 7 days western Caribbean cruise aboard the Carnival Glory : 

  • I loved how smoothly embarkation day was. I loved the seating area and the free wifi :)

  • I love how big the rooms were.

  • I love my balcony food.

  • I love the variety of food and the availability.

  • They had free room service! For those days when you're feeling lazy just get your order brought to your room.

  • I love how spacious the gym was. I never had to wait for an equipment.

  • The entertainment was amazing. It was always something different each day and something for everyone. Whether you like dancing or eating or just simply watching a movie, there was something for you.

  • The giveaways! I love that there was so much opportunity to win something. That's just so awesome to me.

  • The crew members were so friendly and so eager to help.

  • The process to go on board the tender boats was so easy.

  • I hated the orientation presentation. I think everyone hates that.

  • I loved how high tech the ship was.

  • I loved that there was an adult only club and pool area.

  • The free seminars was a plus for me. I am happy to know to I could learn some new stuff on board.

  • You could do laundry on board. So if you were out of clothing you could simply head down to the laundry room.

  • They had free liquor tasting.

Enough chatter from me. Take a look at the pictures.