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Preparing Yourself For Entrepreneurship

Running a business is no joke. I think a lot of persons look at all these successful businesses opening up and think yeah that's easy, hate to break it to you it's not. This is not to discourage anyone considering starting their own business. Everyone knows I am all about creating your own wealth but if you really want to succeed at it, you have to put in the work and "this work" is not just about being the best in the type of products or services you're selling. The work also includes preparing ourselves mentally. Here are three things I recommend that you do to prepare yourself for entrepreneurship.


Know How To Persuade People / Influence. So you have this great product or this awesome service idea and you decided to turn it in a business. Great. How will you get the message across to your target audience? Marketing. You have to know how to persuade or influence people to buy your product or service. It sounds easy but a lot of people struggle with this part. Ask them to talk about their business and they choke. People need to believe in the product as much as you do. If you're struggling in this area, I suggest you start small by going to a few business mixers and networking event with business cards to talk about your business. If your problem is not knowing what to say, try preparing an elevator pitch and practise it until you have it memorized.

Stop Worrying About People's Opinion. People will think whatever they want. Some will be for you and some will be against you. That's just the way life is. If you find yourself too focused on what a person has to say about your business then you're in trouble. Do you know what's really important? Knowing who you are and what your purpose is. Every day you should be working on small tasks to get you to your ultimate goal. Whenever you feel yourself worrying about what others think, just remind yourself of your goals and what you're doing to achieve those goals.

Know Your Why and Purpose. Knowing your purpose and why is key because it's what will keep you focused and keep you motivated to get to where you want to go. Knowing your why and purpose helps you to stay passionate about your business which if you keep at it will keep your business going for a long time.

Persistence. You are going to need will power and persistence to keep going when the times get hard because they will. What if Oprah wasn't persistent? What if Steve Jobs stopped believing in his dream?