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ONE BIG BAG AH TINGS + Love Not Likes and More

Connecting with like minded people…

Social media is such a powerful tool, you know it, I know it. Instagram is one of my favourite social media platforms because it allows me to connect and find people who share similar interests, people who are in the same field as I am. It's also the platform that introduced me to Love Not Likes, A curated experience created by Kesi Gardener, for photographers, bloggers and micro-influencers who want to collaborate. When I saw that the Love Not Likes Group was about to have their very first Meetup I knew I had to be a part of it. Something about connecting with like-minded people, being able to share experiences and stories, while travelling to one of the most beautiful parishes in Jamaica had me so excited that I sent in my RSVP almost immediately.

One Big Bag Ah Tings ( Goodie Bag)

DJI_Love_Not_Likes_PORTLAND_20190609_077 copy.jpg

To tell the truth I would have been satisfied with just the beautiful TCP bag I got. If you're ever in need of a good looking all-purpose canvas tote bag then I would definitely recommend this bag. It's deep and average size which makes it perfect for holding all kinds of items. Ever since I’ve received this stylish tote bag I take it almost everywhere as it functions as my shopping bag, purse , beach bag and laptop bag. They come in a number of colors and I especially love the captions on the bag. You can use my discount code LNL-SUETY-5 or click on this link to get a 5% discount off your next purchase from Those Creative People’s store. In addition to the TCP bag we all received a Jamaica round towel, Herboo Botanicals Body Oil, Rumbar Rum cream, a personalized tumbler from @labelsnob, Spring water from @lifespan, snacks from @nationalbakery, flipflops from @sunfactory, a fan created by @sharmacgraphics and mobile data for us to stay connected while at our meet up from @digicel . What did we do to deserve all these goodies!


Making memories…

Now, this wasn't any regular meet up. The Love Not Likes Team clearly wanted to make sure we had fun. I mean it's the only reason why they would take us Monkey Island and Frenchman Cove in Portland, Jamaica. If you've never been to either of these places, trust me it's beautiful and should be on your bucket list. Before going on the trip I was a tad bit nervous because I wasn't sure what to expect. I had so many concerns like what should I wear, should I offer a big ol hug or keep it professional and shake hands, what would we talk about for 8 hours, will we all get along, will there be clashes of personalities? As soon as I got to the meetup point everything started to flow. With a group of 20 people, we all seem to get along well.


Needless to say, I had an amazing time with the ladies and gents from the Love Not Like group. I met some really great people, visited some awesome places and made priceless connections. I definitely cannot wait for the next trip. If you’re interested in learning more about Love Not Likes please visit their Instagram page here.