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My perspective: Motivation won't work....

Take a look at this photo what do you see? A chameleon? 

It's a photo of two persons on top of each other painted like a chameleon. See it now?

It's a photo of two persons on top of each other painted like a chameleon. See it now?

And when you look at this photo what do you see?

Do you see the woman in the pic?

Do you see the woman in the pic?

It's funny how we both can look at the same photos and we won't see the same thing.  Have you ever been in an argument with someone who just can't seem to understand your side of the story and you can't understand theirs? and it becomes frustrating because you guys see things DIFFERENTLY?  The other day I was having a conversation about motivation. The person I was talking to confessed that motivation is wack and its merely just a money making scheme. That the people who support these motivational speakers are actually being ripped off and will never attain success. 

I started to think about it for a second. We definitely had different perspectives. He made it seem like the worst thing ever.  Being the kind of person I am, I try not tell someone that they are wrong but to try to get an understanding of why they say or do things. So, I tried to probe him some more because I love the idea of motivation. I love reading motivational quotes and listening to motivational videos from time to time and the thought never crossed my mind before that motivation is just a scam. But is it really? Was I also being fooled by motivational gurus?

Motivation is a tool that pushes you to achieve the desired goal. It's supposed to push you beyond your comfort zone.  However in order to actually achieve results you have to do the actions. Motivation can't work on its own and I think that is the problem most people have. They either sit and watch motivational videos, waiting to become successful or they're inspired by that friend who turned their life around and is doing well and they want to do it too but they're lazy and they don't have the discipline to become successful. Then you have some people who will watch a motivational video and it inspires them so much they start to look at their situation and devise a plan to make it better. They work hard and the become successful. Like I said on my podcast, Reasons why you are not successful, they want the success, they want the fancy clothes, they want the popularity and the riches but some people are just not willing to work for it. Once they get an understanding of all the hills and valleys they have to climb, it becomes unappealing and they no longer want it. They just want the good times and not the entire journey.They have no vision and their mindset is wrong.  

What's the solution?  I just mentioned them. You need vision. You need to see yourself where you want to go. What is success for you? Is it a nice home, a business. Whatever that is, visualize it. That would be the ultimate mission. Now most times the ultimate mission is too big to just achieve in one go which means you have to take steps to get there. So, what are those steps? If the goal is a car, the smaller steps may be one to get a license, set a target amount to save every month, start getting numbers for a mechanic, start looking for an insurance company, call around to get the best quotes etc. Each goal takes you a step further. Then have to keep MOTIVATED.  Get your mindset right. You may have to prioritize to make sure you achieve your goals. You also need discipline to stick to the plan even when things get hard. With a little patience, you should get to your destination. 


My perspective: Motivation Won't Work... If YOU Don't