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My 27 Power Statements

Focus on the positive (1).png

The other day, I stumbled upon one of my favorite blogger's post about power statements. I too often think about the things I would want my friends, family, the people around me to say about me, the type of impact I would want to leave on people, the things people would say I always said.  She had in her posts 27 power statements and it inspired me to create a list of my own.  Here are my 27 power statements. 

  1. You always have to be true to you.
  2. Self care should be a priority.
  3. Trust your intuition. 
  4. I am not my circumstances.
  5. Never stop being kind because people are unkind.
  6. Surround yourself with positive people.
  7. Worry less.
  8. Let go and let God.
  9. Act from a place of love. 
  10. Pursue what sets your soul on fire.
  11. Don't believe everything you think.
  12. Treat everyone and all things with respect.
  13. Never stop learning. 
  14. You still have time. 
  15. Trust the timing of your life.
  16. Giving is better than receiving.
  17. Learn to rest, not to quit.
  18. Think before you speak.
  19. Life is to short not to have fun.
  20. Don't take what doesn't belong to you.
  21. Change the content of your argument not the volume of your voice.
  22. You have a responsibility to contribute to this life.
  23. I am responsible for my happiness.
  24. What I think about, I bring about.
  25. We are all human and we ALL make mistakes.
  26. You have all the answers.
  27. Grace, through faith will always carry you forward.


Tell me, what would be your power statements? Leave your power statement in the comment below.