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Entrepreneur Highlight: Meet Luci

Question: Tell us more about yourself.


Luci: I'm a Jamaican city girl who loves adventure, learning about cultures and exploring places I've never seen before or think I've seen before. I guess you can call me a "tree hugger" as I find nature, especially trees fascinating and I love sharing my finds with people as I get excited when they are excited about going somewhere. I also enjoying planning events, trips, and activities. What can I say I love to plan!

Question: How did you get into travelling?

Luci: Well I guess you can say it's my parents fault. Growing up I remember going to different places around Jamaica and the Caribbean and I just got hooked. As a child every holiday break my mom would take me out of the country and whatever destination we would travel to we also explored or experienced an activity that we wouldn't normally see in Jamaica. I always joke and say my mom is like a gypsy because she has this inquisitive thing where she never likes to be in one place too long and likes to experience new things. I'm like that in a way where I just enjoy the new experiences.

Question: How do you promote yourself?

Luci: Well my brainchild is in its beginning stages but we all have to start somewhere right? Check out my website at where you can find things for your upcoming vacation, book a flight or hotel. I also have a very active facebook page --> where I post amazing finds from all over the world and give travel tips.

Question: How can we get in touch with you?

Luci: You can reach me by visiting my facebook page at or by emailing me at

Question: Do you have any upcoming projects?

Luci: I have quite a few projects I'm working on but the main one right now is improving my website for a more interactive and fun experience.

Question: What is your philosophy in life?

Luci: My philosophy in life is "Life is an adventure so live". Too many times we put ourselves in a bubble afraid to even try something new or crumble when we fail and forget that this amazing life we have is truly an adventure. We learn so many things throughout our lifetime and the thing is it's limitless. We have to LIVE in the moment or all these lessons and these amazing experiences will just pass you by. Enjoy life and stop letting your circumstances limit you.

Question: In your opinion what do you think are the keys to success?

Luci: I believe the keys to success are focus, knowledge, sociability, humility, and resilience. Focus on what you want, have a thirst for knowledge, be sociable and interact with all kinds of people, be humble and be resilient for the things you want to achieve. Understand that success doesn't happen overnight, be true to who you are, continue to work on yourself as a person, and take the word CAN'T out of your vocabulary.

Question: What made you start your business?

Luci: I've always wanted to have a travel business. Always had the idea in my head but just didn't know how to execute it and wasn't confident in the idea. One day it clicked and my brain said "just start already or you never will" and so I started lol.

Question: What blogs and websites do you follow and why?

Luci: There are so many blogs and websites I follow its crazy lol. My recent find that I'm currently enjoying is this website & app called Happify. It has various activities that are scientifically proven to improve your happiness level, manage stress and some other useful and helpful programs.

Another favourite is all things Richard Branson. I follow him on twitter and on his blog. I admire him for his bravery to challenge the norm and always seeking out new ideas that break boundaries in every way possible. He’s the type of boss I aspire to be. He has seen failures and many successes and even in his success he’s still improving and growing.

I’m a pinterest junkie, I swear I’m addicted! I have over 6.4k pins and have 48 boards. I love pinterest because you can find so many inspirations for anything and I do mean anything!

I follow Buzzfeed’s Tasty on Instagram. It makes cooking look simple, fun to try and best of all tasty!

This is the place I was telling you about is a blog I follow, as well as on instagram. This couple is unique in that they present travelling in an artistic way I can appreciate. They don’t just show you a fancy location, they truly explore the location they are in. From the food, to interesting stores to quaint abodes.