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Life Is Too Short To Have Boring Hair, Start Caring

Your hair is one of the most vital, easy, and outright “accessory” attached to your head. Most of the time, hairstyles compliment or work against the features of someone’s face –making the face more (or less) attractive. Luscious and vibrant locks gives an impression of tenderness in the face, making your eyes and lips pop out subtly, especially to those with pretty strong and edgy facial features.

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While crazy bobs, mullets, and over the top brush-ups remind people of some dated fashion styles. As such, a great hairstyle that has been consistently taken care of and has been looked over with much attention and care can either make or break you, especially if you are reaching for a great lasting impression.

A good, decent haircut can get you to places – however, a great hair can make one stand out of a mundane crowd, and can often impose a certain outward projection of individuality and character to the bearer, boosting confidence and further self-esteem. Moreover, hair styles and haircuts are often associated with the notion of self-love and empowerment – Thus, the very cliché scene where women that undergo intense heartbreak cut their hair to express freedom and self-control has had its staple place in popular culture and media.

More often than not, self-discovery and revival has often been signified by a new hairstyle – a symbol that celebrates the beauty that is of new hope, new love, and new life.  On a lighter note, as much as your hair can show your character, you can show your bubbly or edgy attitude by having fun with your hair – after all, self-expression has always been fun, and nothing compares to both feeling and looking great!

Here are a few things on how you can have fun, care with your hair:

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Choose a great haircut that not only compliments your features but also shows your attitude. As stated before, it is best when you consider your haircut based on how you feel about yourself, and not on how you want other people to perceive you. Haircuts have always been associated with certain lifestyles, and most popular haircuts have been used for self-expression, rather than social acceptance.

For example, spiky mohawks has been the go-to haircut of punks, showing their anti-norm and feelings of strong protest against authority. Clean bobs has been the choice of the corporate chic, as this projects an authoritative character, associated with the modern woman playing the right cards, amidst the ruthless men of the corporate culture.

Hippies sport long unkempt hairstyles, as their long, flowing hairstyles embody their rebellious yet escapist character.

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Play with colors. As people say, when life is dull, add color to it! The same goes with hair—a certain hair color can show your mood for the day (or the month), and you can always show your creativity by trying out different hair colors.

You can dye your hair with bright colors, giving that personal feeling of youthfulness, or you can go with colors such as brown and grey, for that classic and sophisticated look.

• Braids, braids, braids. Tired of the boring bun? Start braiding your long locks! With different braiding styles, you can manipulate your hair to show character – side braids dangling above your ears give that medieval royalty look, while straight out thin braids create Caribbean impressions. Don’t be afraid to try out different styles, and see what suits you!

Accessorize. If the typical hairclip seems too boring for you, you can ditch it and try on different accessories. You can attach different trinkets and ornaments to your hair to lavishly show your adoration for your crowning glory, or you can use non-conventional accessories to show ingenuity.

I even had a friend that is into DIY woodworking who used her screwdriver to secure her bun – it all boils down to creativity and resourcefulness, and surely, accessorizing your hair should have no limits.

Use a wig. A wig does not only cover up hair issues, but it can also be very fun to play with. You can try out different wigs with different colors, and even try out different hairstyles without haircut with wigs. Instead of having to cut your hair for that one time occasion, you can use a wig to sport a good bob instantaneously. You can also use hair extensions if your hair is too short, when the event calls for you to glamorize.

Moisturize and add volume to your hair. Nothing says ‘healthy’ than a fully hydrated and thick hair. Similar to a lush garden, a voluminous and moisturized hair shows how you tend your hair, giving an impression of self-care and proper hygiene. Regular hydration also helps your hair recover from fizziness caused by dirt and grime, as well as other chemicals you used to play with your hair. Moisturizing your hair regularly also promotes proper hair growth, as your scalp will always be soft and smooth, promoting hair vitalization and structural integrity.

Have fun while washing your hair! Of course, as cleaning your body has always been fun, the same goes with your hair. Get rid of the day’s baggage by massaging your hair and scalp using your most favorite shampoo and conditioner. Apply different essential oils to freshen up your scalp, and use hair products with caffeine to energize your hair, and aloe vera to maintain the scalp’s natural moisture.

Enjoy the coolness of hair products with peppermint and feel the freshness while the cold water flows through your squeaky clean scalp. Cap off your day by having fun during bath time, and treat your hair with a well-deserved pampering.

Always treat your hair the way it should be treated, and never be afraid to try out different styles to express your creativity. After all, as the hair is your greatest accessory since you were born, you should never limit your imagination in trying out different approach to hair care and hairstyle.

Along with having fun with your hair, you should also make sure that it stays healthy and strong, in order for you to benefit from your hair as an ‘accessory’, with hopes that it would stick with you throughout your lifetime.