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Last minute gift ideas for Valentines Day

So it's Valentine’s Day but you are not sure what to get for your special person? I got you covered.  Here are some gift ideas for both male and female.

For the Ladies

●     Perfume

Men you cannot go wrong if you get her new perfume. We ladies like to smell good and I am sure it would mean a lot if her man gets her a new fragrance.

●     Makeup

Get her make up! A girl can neverhave too much make up. Now I know some men will automatically say no to this suggestion since most men love to see their woman in their natural state, but get her some new eyeshadows or a new lip stain. You can visit a nearby cosmetic store and ask for assistance in the store.

●      Lingerie

Fellows here is something you both can enjoy :)  You could get her a few new lingerie sets in her favourite colour.

●     Chocolate and flowers

Keep it traditional and simple.

●     Take her out to eat

 A nice romantic dinner would be a great gift. It's a perfect time to get out as a couple and enjoy each other company.

For The Men

●     A nice leather wallet would be a great gift for your love. It is definitely something he would use over and over again.

●     After shave set. I don't know which guy would reject aftershave. Find out which one he likes and get him a set.

●     If your guy loves music get him a headset.

●     A watch is a perfect accessory to get a guy.

●     Get him a customized mug.


Lastly, whether it’s a man or a woman you can get them an Amazon gift card. You can’t go wrong with that. You can buy them a gift card of any value on and the card can be sent to their email electronically. 


What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Let me know in your comments below.