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Keeping Motivated

I’ve gotten this question a lot and today I am happy to share how I stay motivated. Between freelancing, running an online clothes store, blogging, podcasting, maintaining my own website and dancing it’s a  must that I stay productive and on top of my game.

Yes, there are times when I get a little discouraged or feel demotivated but here is how I keep motivated on days when I just don’t want to.


Sometimes you just need a break!  That’s it. I mean when your phone freezes what do you? You take out the battery and put it in right?  Whenever I get to this place I just put the laptop down, put the phone down, turn on the tv and watch some comedy central or one of my favourite shows or make my way to the beach.

Make a list of my goals

I don't know, something about writing down goals and actually achieving them put me on a high! I love waking up to my list of things I want to do. I often imagine myself achieving these goals and it just keeps me motivated.

I reward myself

I’m so good at this :)  Rewarding yourself. It keeps the motivation going, trust me. Go shopping, treat yourself to dinner, go on a trip or buy yourself a bottle of wine. Just do something!

Surround yourself with motivation

Read a motivational book, listen to a motivational podcast, talk to people who are doing great things. Surround yourself with people and things that will motivate you and get rid of the things and people that don’t contribute to your growth.  This is very IMPORTANT.

Starve your distractions

  • NO distractions.
  • NO procrastination.
  • NO excuses.

How do you keep motivated? Share in the comments below.