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Instagram Bio Hacks For Small Businesses and Personal Brands

I know how hard it is to come up with clever Instagram Bios, especially for business. Your Instagram bio is a great way to leave a good first impression and should be impactful. Your Instagram bio can include a brief self or brand description, contact info, emojis and hashtags.

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What should you include in your Instagram Bio? Here are a few elements that you can add to improve your Instagram Bio:

1. Describe yourself or brand.

In just 1-2 lines, accurately describe your business or personal brand. What is your business about? What problems are you solving? Check the bios of other businesses in your industry and use it as an inspiration to write your own. Make sure to include keywords related to your brand. Try to break the content up with spaces. You can add spaces to your bio by typing the bio in a notepad app with the spaces where you want them to be. Once you're done copy the entire bio and paste it in the bio section on Instagram.

2. Share contact information.

Sharing your contact information is a great element that should be included in the bios of businesses or individuals selling products and services.

3. List your interests.

You can share the things you are interested in.

4. Add a call to action.

What would you like people to do once they've landed on your Instagram profile? Do you want them to go to your website? Click a link to your products or services?

Instagram Bio Ideas For Small Businesses

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Do you have any bio tips of your own?