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How to stay focused at work

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Are you having trouble focusing at work? Feeling frustrated or overwhelmed at work? Can you relate to the meme below?

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If you answered yes to any of the questions above, this post is for you. I'll tell you how to stay focused at work and you will learn 10 helpful tips to keep you more productive during the work day.

1. Get into a positive attitude.  Let's face it, it's much harder to complete a task when you don't want to do it. Since we can't choose what we get to do at work, I find if I get into a positive attitude, especially when doing tasks I don't like, I eventually get them completed. That's all I need to do anyway, complete it. Just focus on completing the task rather than how much you hate doing it, be positive about it and get it done. 

2. Plan, plan, plan. If you really want to be productive, you have to devise a plan. What are the things you need done? Put them on a to-do list and organize the list putting the things that are most important on top. This is the first thing I do every single morning before I start working. Try it, you'll see how much you can get done when you actually have a plan. 

3.  Break the do list into hourly segments. Time management is very important. From the to do list that you created, I want you to break your day into hourly intervals, example 9 am -10 am, 10 am -11 am and assign each task for the day to the each hour slot. Now the key to getting this assignment thing right is to make sure you are setting enough time to complete the task. 

4. Save ideas in your notepad. Ideas often pop up when I am working and because I am focused, I don't have the time to act out on the idea. When these ideas come up I usually jot these ideas down on my notepad. 

5. Set deadlines. I always set deadlines for each task. Deadlines keep me in check and on top of my game. I work better once I know I have a deadline to meet. 

6. Take 15-minute breaks. I take a 15-minute break every 2-3 hours. 

7. Turn those notifications off. How do you expect to remain focus if your Facebook, Instagram and whats app notifications are going crazy? You may not be checking your phone but in the back of your mind, you are thinking about what the notifications could be. Stop tempting yourself and put your phone on silent. 

8. Avoid distracting website. Stay away from Facebook, YouTube or any other distracting sites. You will have plenty of time for that after work. 

9. Put your headphones on.  I work so much better with music.  Do you? Maybe your environment is distracting with all your coworkers talking? Put your headphones on, nod your head to your favourite tunes and get that work done. 

10 .Get your work station organized. You should only have what you need neatly piled up on your desk. Get rid of everything else. Invest in some office decor like a frame with a motivational quote or something that reminds you of your goal for that week or month. 

Staying focused at work can be difficult with all the distractions.  You can help keep these at bay and stay focused at work with any of the 10 great ways mentioned above.