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How To Get What You Want Out Of Life

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How to get what you want out of life

Unfortunately life doesn’t come with a big manual on how to win. For some people when  they think of the word life they think “ Chaotic” or  “It’s a mess” or “ It’s unfair” but for others they feel quite the opposite and nothing but good adjectives come to mind. “I’m blessed” or “ Life is good.”. We’ve seen so many persons turn their lives around, so many success stories. So how do we cross over from this bad life to having the good life?Is there a secret to getting what you want out of life and being happy? 

I say Yes. Yes, there is a way to change your life around. Yes you can be happy. Yes you can be successful and No,it’s no secret. 

Now,I am no expert here but hear me out.

I think the first step is to acknowledge that where you are right now in your life is not where you want to be.  YOU have to want more out of life. YOU have to know that your life can change, only if YOU want it to. I remember when I was younger and going through college and just feeling so unsatisfied with myself. All my peers around me seemed to be winning in every aspect of life and I  just felt like I was floating around. Just existing. Nothing special. I didn’t feel like I was special, I didn’t feel like I deserved happiness or success because I was just ordinary so I should just accept the ordinary life I was given.  It took me a while to finally say I want more. I knew I didn’t have anything “special” about me but I was determine to make it.

The next step would be to start seeing yourself how you want to be and devise a plan to get there. Everything starts from the mind. Your thoughts help to shape you. So if you can start to think about your goals and what you want to achieve then you are half way there.  Eventually I stopped listening to the negative things people would say about me. I stopped telling myself I couldn’t. I started to think about the things that would make me happier and started to create my plan to achieve these goals. Just think about it, we often play games where the end goal is to get a prize right? In a race, your aim is to get to the finish line right? In an exam your aim is to pass right? The thought of the prize makes you happy and so your goal is to get the prize. How do you get the prize?  you prepare for it. In the example of a race you have to train hard and be the first one across the line. In an exam you have to study and understand, not swat, and then you pass the exam. The same rules apply for life. If you want something you have to work hard to achieve it but before you can achieve it you have to want it  and before you can want it you would have had to think about it. Following me?   Silence those fears, think outside of the box. Where do you see yourself? What does a perfect life look like to you? 

Understand that it will take some time. I think sometimes we get discouraged because we have big goals and when we start to plan it all out it seems like it would take forever to reach the goal. I believe nothing worth having comes easy and I think it would feel so much better to achieve something after working hard for it. Just hang in there, keep focused and trust the process. I am sure it will make you a stronger person. 

Believe in yourself. No One else will be as passionate as you are. Know that the people around you may be negative or they may just not believe in your goals. Show them wrong. Stay focused and show them you can. Celebrate every step you take, every obstacle you overcome. 

Remember, think it, plan it, take action and keep focused. Until next time. Love Sue.