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How To Deal With The Highs and The Lows

How To Deal With The Highs and The Lows.png

I have been a victim of extreme emotional mood swings lately.  I say, a victim because if I had a choice I would remain grateful and happy but sometimes there are days when I get up feeling frustrated and demotivated. 

I started reading a list of articles on mood swings or emotional swings and I have been diligently trying to maintain my happy vibe.  It hasn't been easy, I still go into bad moods but the occurrence of it is becoming fewer. I had to let go of the notion that something was wrong with me and understand that it is what normal humans go through and that I can actually do something about it.  

I have no idea what made you click on this post but If you too are going through some highs or lows lately I hope you'll find this post helpful. Here are some things I do on the daily. 

1. I set quiet time daily to meditate and pray. 
2. I exercise daily. Exercise keeps the body healthy and the brain active. 
3. I've been watching the things I eat daily. I believe you are what you consume, so I try to eat food that is good for me. 
4. Smile. Find what makes you happy and chase that. 
5. Keep a gratitude journal. Write down 10 things you are grateful every day. 
6. Be mindful of the things you feed your mind. Sometimes the series and movies we watch can alter our moods or affects us. 
7. Get rid of limiting beliefs.