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How to ask your boss for a raise


So you’ve been working for your company for a while now, you get to work on time, you do your best but you haven’t received an increase yet?  I have been there and I feel like there are a lot of persons in this position right now, wanting a raise but not knowing how to ask for it.


  1. Work For It

Now before you go marching in your boss’s office make sure you are actually doing the work.Don’t go asking for something you don’t deserve. If you are definitely doing what is required of you or even going above that then by all means it is time to ask you boss for that raise.  If you aren’t, here is your opportunity to change your attitude. Make sure you are always punctual, if you’re going to be late or miss work - communicate. Take initiative, be proactive, be efficient and be a team player.These are some of the characteristics of a good worker. Apply them and you might even get a raise without asking for it.


    2. Let Them Know You Want a Raise

So you’re doing all that is required of you, coming to work on time, you’re proactive, you’re the team player but still nothing. In large organisations it can be hard to impress your employer or there just may be so many persons who are really good at what they do it’s a little hard to stand out.  Your best bet is just to ask. Ask for a meeting  and tell them why you deserve it.


    3. Timing

Have you ever heard the saying, “timing is everything.”? Well it it’s true, and it is important that you approach your boss at the right time. When is the right time ? When your job description increases, when you always overperform, when your boss is in a good mood, when your company is doing well financially, when other people start getting raises, you have a new skill or degree.


   4. Stay or Go


In the event that your boss declines your request, you have to now consider if you are willing to stay and work with the pay you are getting or to seek another job that is more fulfilling. This decision should be yours and only yours. Think about it carefully and make the best decision for you.


Thanks for stopping by. All the best!