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How my grandpa's funeral turned into a wakeup call

Initially this post was to be an ode to my dearest grandpa, who passed away in February. He lived 97 years on this earth. He was a man who loved God and  made it his life long mission to spread the good word. The inspiration came while I was at his funeral.

I have only been to four funerals in my lifetime before my grandpa’s funeral. I've never been the one to attend funerals. I would rather stay home and cry. I hate being emotional in front of a crowd but I had to attend. The church was filled with people who came from near and far to reflect with the family. It brought about a sense of peace knowing  he did so much good while he was alive. Every single story I heard that day about him was centered around a feeling of respect and adoration for this man. My Grandpa! What a man. Immediately I started to think about my own life.

What would people say about me at my funeral? 
Would I be ashamed of the things they would say about me when I am dead? 
Would my family and friends be proud of the stories?


Have you ever thought about it before? We may not get 97 years like my grandpa, you could be  gone tomorrow. With that said what would people have to say about the life you lived up until now? Do you know what your purpose is? Do you have a plan for your life? Are you just living?

If you haven’t started to think like that I urge you to start. I know I have started my journey to really  figuring out my purpose in life. I know I want to inspire, motivate and share with people my knowledge and experiences that can help them to be a better version of themselves. Someone they can look in the mirror and be proud of.  I hope this post will bring about an urgency to reflect on your own life and  motivate you to live right :)

Until next time…