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Happy 40th KO

I recently had the opportunity to celebrate K.O's 40th birthday in Mammee Bay, Jamaica.  I was a little anxious at first to attend because I thought the difference in age (I'm 28 by the way) would either be the main topic of the trip or that I would constantly be reminded of the type of conversations they would have or how they behave. I was brought up in a culture where you only hang with people in your age group and older folks are to be respected. Calling them by their first names is never an option and even if they say it's ok, a lump forms in the back of your throat whenever you dare to call their given name.  

Have you ever had the "It's going to be a good time feeling" before? Well, I had one of those as soon as I rolled into the property. The Seven Seas property was gorgeous and the pictures on the site didn't do it justice. Look out for my review next week:)



Now, whatever happened there will stay there. This is not a let me tell you all the deets post. I truly had an amazing time with K.O and her friends and of course, I learned a few things for each person that I want to share. 

1.  My biggest fear going in was being the youngest one in the lot and sticking out like a sore thumb. Being the youngest wasn't bad at all and turned out to be a good thing. Here's why. I learned so much from these people in the 5 days I was around them.  I love the energy they exuded, they were always joking around and being positive.  I always just thought you only have fun when you are young and that when you get older all the fun sort of stops, you have to be serious all the time and worry about bills but the group showed me how wrong I was. 

2.  I realize that I ain't SHIT and I am not joking. I like experiences like these that humbles me and lets me see how much more I can achieve, how much further I can go, the levels I can go. Every single one of them that I met inspired to be a better individual and to go harder. 

3. I see how important friendships are. It was clear that the group knew each other for a couple of years. The group consisted of college mates and family. One thing I kept hearing them say to each other was " friends who became family."  I think its great to be able to celebrate with old friends and that you can have friends that you can count on and will rise to the occasion if needed. I am not sure how many of my friends would travel to a new country with me to celebrate my birth. In recent times some of my closest friends have become distant and I can only count about 5 persons I would call on. My advice, when you find your tribe. circle, crew, friends or whatever you call them, cherish them and be grateful and work on maintaining the friendship.  The effort is required from all parties involved.  

4. If you are serious about entrepreneurship, networking is key. This was really the first time since being an entrepreneur that I promoted my business so much. Every chance I got I confidently spoke about my business and the services I offer.  I am a shy person at times but it was great to challenge my comfort zone and be confident and proud of my work that I have done thus far.

5. Balance and moderation are important. The group reminded me of how important it is to have balance in your life. Don't be ok with just being ordinary. Work hard and become a pro but take some time off to have fun. Don't go overboard with the fun and forget to work either. Everything in moderation and strike a balance. 

6.  I learned that Disarrano and Guava juice is a lovely mixture. I think it is now my favorite cocktail. 

7. Be true to self. Don't let peers pressure you to go against your beliefs or break your rules. Stay true to yourself. If you don't want to do something, don't do it.

8. Travelling is important. It allows you to interact with and experience different cultures. You truly won't know until you experience it.  It changes the way you relate to the world and as an entrepreneur, I would love to expand my business internationally. I have only been to 2 other countries but I plan to change that really soon. 

Do you hang with the older crowd or with people in your age group? What is the experience like?