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Guest Post: An Ability

It’s that feeling...
Your heart's pounding you feel it in your chest
As if it were to burst through your rib
Is this Love?

Or is love a mere feeling of enjoyment for someone, sexual attraction or infatuation.

What is it when you feel this way?
Can't stop thinking about this person
Your soul's recognition of its counterpoint
And you know this meticulous person, would make you a better version of yourself...

I don't know what the future holds for me, but where ever I end up, I'll make the best of it, I'll be happy since there is true guarantee of tomorrow... 

Hence I say
Love is not a feeling
It's an ability

Are you able to Love???

Oh my Ģuńģů, Its the Ģuńģů God


About the blogger: 

Adrian Clarke is a spiritual seeker living in Jamaica, where he is assiduously engaged in finding that divine balance between ease and effort in what seems to be a chaotic world. Severe trauma as a child set him on a path to healing himself. That zeal led him to learn as much as he could about personal transformation. He practices and teaches Yoga and is very insightful in the worlds of astrology, alternative healing, comparative religions, metaphysics and philosophy. Dubbed as the young Marcus Garvey, he earned his B.A. degrees in Philosophy & Economics at the Providence University College and Theological Seminary in Manitoba, Canada.

Adrian is also a Travel Blogger, Social Media Manager and Cannabis Consultant.